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Od lat na świecie stosowaną metodą naturalną poprawiającą urodę (twarz, skóra) jest akupunktura. Przedstawiana na wielu kongresach medycznych na całym świecie. Obecnie bardzo modna w USA. Może warto spróbować sprawdzonej metody naturalnej?

Acupuncture Face Lift Overview

October 29, 2005
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Acupuncture face lifts have been growing in popularity due to their potential nature of bringing back a youthful appearance to a persons face whilst avoiding all the possible risks and pains of a face lift operation through conventional plastic surgery.

The acupuncture face lift is a more natural substitute to other well-known and traditional methods for a face lift via plastic surgery, chemical/laser peels or injections. The acupuncture face lift method only requires one procedure as opposed to the 3, 4 or even 5 varied and costly procedures of normal face lift methods. Acupuncture face lifts also tend to have no negative side effects unlike the more common face lift operations that can leave your face looking puffy, burned, stretched and banded. A person’s facial character will still be present and not effected through acupuncture either. The acupuncture face lift succession of treatments boosts blood circulation to the individuals face encouraging collagen production for improved muscle tone and elasticity which is what prevents wrinkles from forming on the face.


Some results you should expect to experience from Acupuncture face lifts are:

  • Skin will be more fair and delicate
  • A decrease of wrinkles
  • Fine lines will fade and deeper lines will reduce
  • Sagginess will also reduce
  • Fatigued eyelids will lift up
  • Age spots will clear and reduce
  • A general rejuvenation all over, not only on your face.


Acupuncture’s belief is that if your chi energy is blocked in your body this can promote imbalances and illness. The placement of acupuncture needles at particular points on a person’s body can free up the chi energy blockages allowing the chi energy to flow freely again bringing back good health and well being. Using acupuncture needles on the face together with herbs encourages the circulation of Qi (chi) & blood in the face and also controls it’s flow in the body. Acupuncture face lift patients visibly look and feel younger, banish and reduce wrinkles & blemishes, plus they can see their face achieve a better color, shape, and texture.

Even though a few standard doctors query the acupuncture treatment method there have been recent studies proving acupuncture can help ease pain from arthritis and alleviate arthritis in general. However, there are in fact not really enough studies under taken to fully prove whether or not acupuncture does work or not.

Acupuncture face lift treatments are changing all the time and there isn’t a set standard for performing a acupuncture face lift. Each acupuncturist will have their own system for the procedure. Usually it adheres to the same steps as regular acupuncture treatment where the acupuncturist will examine your general health, sleeping, eating and fitness habits and check your stress level. This enables the acupuncturist to create an individual acupuncture face lift treatment plan for each patient. The main elements used in acupuncture face lift treatments are the insertion of acupuncture needles to the face and also the possible ingestion of Chinese herbs as well.

Some people may be alarmed at having needles place in their face but there really is nothing to be concerned about because there is no pain involved, no scars, bruises or irritations are caused. Apart from a slight discomfort when the needles are pushed in to your facial skin there are no issues to be worried about and immediately after the acupuncture face lift treatment you are able to go straight back to your normal everyday activities.

In order to see positive results the acupuncture patient may need to complete a series of acupuncture treatments. The duration of the acupuncture face lift treatment, which can vary from 6 to 25 treatments, depends on the severity of the patients circumstance. If your skin contains more wrinkles you will need more treatment, however, on a positive note some acupuncture face lift patients have said they achieved results from after just one treatment. The acupuncture procedure will need to be carried out every week to start with and then every other week after a few months. The results from acupuncture face lifts last many years and only require repeating as often you feel necessary. Many acupuncture face lift patients enjoy the treatment as it is a very relaxing sensation and process.


Acupuncture gets a face lift and much more

By Olivia Barker, USA TODAY
In their never-ending quest to combat sags, bags and lines, age-conscious Americans are turning their bodies into pincushions.

For some facelift customers, a bunch of tiny needles beats one big one filled with botulism.    
By Charlie Neibergall, AP

Forget the knife and syringe. The tool of choice for a growing number of wrinkle-phobes is a needle — scores of them.

Cosmetic acupuncture practitioners and patients swear by the results: Foreheads are smoothed, tummies tucked, breasts lifted and double chins become single once again. And as tales of botched Botox injections spread — the lawsuit filed by a sickened Beverly Hills socialite; at least four Botox recipients now seriously ill with botulism — acupuncturists say their non-toxic technique is proving ever more alluring.

"A lot of women are just afraid," says Martha Lucas, who says the number seeking treatment has quadrupled since she opened her Denver practice three years ago. (Lucas guesses that the number going under the needle nationally constitutes a "small fraction" of the more than 128,000 Americans who, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, had face lifts in 2003.) "They don't want to take the chance they're going to come out not only with an ice bag on but with some potentially more serious side effect."

And there's the argument that cosmetic acupuncture, like traditional acupuncture, takes a holistic approach to treatment, so not only do eyebrows unfurrow, but "you feel better overall," says Christine Kleinschmidt, who practices in St. Louis. "You're sleeping better, you've got more energy and better digestion. ... It's not just skin-deep."

Physicians find the fountain-of-youth claims far-fetched. "To be fair, most people look better after a good night's sleep, after a vacation or after being outside in fresh air, so I'm not saying there can't be some benefit," says ASPS president Scott Spear. But "I personally have not seen any evidence that cosmetic acupuncture has any significant or long-term benefits."


Acupuncture Face Lift

When it comes to signs of aging, nowhere is it more obvious than on your face. Unfortunately, your face is your most important asset in daily life. It's how people remember you and describe you. In this respect, it's truly better to be thought of as youthful and energetic rather than wrinkled and tired. That's why more and more people are trying acupuncture face lift treatments because they're far less of a commitment than traditional face lift surgery.

A real face lift surgery involves local anesthetic, incisions, and a lengthy recovery process. It can also cost thousands of dollars for only an hour or so of work. Acupuncture face lifts promise the same results for much less, but it comes with a catch.

Acupuncture is an ancient Taoist therapeutic practice originally developed in China. The idea is that two life forces known as the yin and the yang must be balanced to produce the life force, known as chi. This chi energy flows through the body along fourteen different pathways. The idea is that wrinkles and sagginess in the face is caused by life forces out of balance in other parts of the body. By inserting small needles just beneath the skin, acupuncture supposedly modifies the energy flow in the body by releasing endorphins and other chemicals.

The use of acupuncture for the face has been in practice for just over 20 years. It is believed that wrinkles evolve from specific muscular movements. A skilled and licensed acupuncturist can examine your body and identify the root cause of your facial wrinkles. Treatment will then commence on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for several weeks. Younger patients only require a month and a half worth of treatment, while older ones will probably require two to three months. The needles won't necessarily be inserted in your face. If a specific wrinkle is caused by imbalances in the spleen, for instance, the needles will be inserted in the spleen area. With each successive acupuncture therapy, patients typically notice gradual improvement of their energy levels and skin tone.